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1. Being Social ©Paul Miro
2. Happy ©Paul Miro
3. Life is Good ©Paul Miro
4. Empty Head ©Paul Miro
5. My Friend ©Paul Miro
6. The Days Don’t Matter ©Paul Miro
7. Earthly Powers ©Paul Miro
8. Illuminate ©Paul Miro
9. Roll On Saturday ©Paul Miro
10. Then Again ©Paul Miro
11. A Pocket Full of Foreign Change ©Paul Miro
12. Oh Well ©Paul Miro
13. All Alone ©Paul Miro
14. Take Our Sorrows Swimming ©Paul Miro
Recordings © Miro/Phat Monkey 2005.  Remixed 2010. All songs copyright control. Recorded at Primeape Studios


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