Data DVD of the complete 'All Stripped Down' Albums. 65 mp3s. Cardboard sleeve.

The albums are compiled in six folders, each exactly the same as the downloadable album versions, and artwork is also enclosed on the DVD. Remember, this is a data DVD, and not an audio CD, so it will not play on a CD player. All songs are full 320Kb/s MP3s, meaning you can listen to them on your computer or rip them to full quality audio CDs.

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Vol I: ONE 1. Great Place 2. Beanman 3. Virtual 4. Roll On Saturday 5. I Only Wanna Make You Happy 6. Simple 7. Bad, Bad Day 8. Jerry Built 9. The Best Thing 10. My inamorata 11. The One

Vol II: MORE  1. Being Social 2. Earthly Powers 3. The Wrong Pill 4. Safety Net 5. These Are The Days 6. My Friend 7. Love & Understanding 8. True at First Light  9. Ask Anyone 10. Monster

Vol III: NIGHT 1. Do I Need This (jazz) 2. Take Our Sorrows Swimming 3. Ice Cream 4. SSDD 5. If Only 6. Fragments 7. Hollow 8. Stones 9. Not a Song About You 10. The Days Don't Matter Without You 11. Takeaway

Vol IV: LIVING 1. Dumb 2. Over You 3. Empty Head 4. My Lucky Day 5. Oh Well 6. Life is Good 7. Twice The Man 8. Nine Lives 9. Thanks For Nothing 10. (And She Will Still) Walk Away 11. Come Around The World With Me

Vol V: UNDER 1. Larger Than Life 2. Right Away 3. A Pocket Full of Foreign Change 4. Just For Fun 5. Please Don't Colour Me Gone 6. Trouble 7. Open Season 8. All Alone 9. The Best Days of Our Lives 10. Stuffed 11. Blood Simple

Vol VI: COVER 1. Soul Suckers 2. Leaders 3. Don't Believe a Word 4. Maggie's Farm 5. Fuck The Police 6. Bowie medley 7. Soldier's Things 8. Sunny Afternoon 9. John The Revelator 10. Oliver's Army 11. 16 Shells From a 30-06





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